Take the guesswork out of pricing

Have you ever seen the product you wanted at the exact price you were willing to pay?

Let’s create that experience for your customers!

Why Us?

Don’t get lost in the pricing space

With Price Explorers AI optimized pricing, you know you’re always in your customers’ current emotional buying window.

Does your product move more in the morning, evening, or on weekends?

As demands change, prices for your products should change as well.

Using Price Explorer’s built-in automation, you can match the change in your client’s buying habits so you keep a steady inventory turnover.

This allows you to keep the highest price your market is willing to pay minute by minute. 

Eliminate the stress and time spent guessing prices.


What do you get

Margin optimization

Automated prices increase to match demand during  your buying surges

Steady those buying waves

By adjusting price to demand instantly throughout the day to keep customers emotionally buying

Automate your price testing

Save time on price testing by letting the AI do it with exact accuracy

Predictable income

Matching customer demands also means evening out buying surges and lulls for more predictable revenue

Plug and play

Ready to use in minutes

Out-of-the-box AI pricing models can be added directly to your storefront pulling in inventory and demand analytics from Shopify to optimize prices immediately!
Intentional UI design means you can create a new campaign in minutes with automated pricing
Our customers build new campaigns in as short as 5 mins
Get rid of old inventory quickly with AI auto adjusting prices
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Watch the prices adjust as your customers buy

Easily set up and adjust your campaigns

Clearance strategies are done in a snap

Always know when you are hitting your peak margins.

With our AI you will always know you are setting at the best margin-making price that your customers are willing to pay.

Ready to Run your business with the same analytics as your LARGE competitors?

How do you keep up with the changing price windows during the day and the year, holidays? How can you know if your price is correct for your client’s current buying habits?

Price Explorer uses cutting edge AI technology to take the guesswork out of pricing.


Can Price Explorer be used for different countries?

Indeed, it can! Price Explorer AI can be used in any country that has access to Shopify, so basically every country. Price Explorer already has clients who operate in Europe, the United Kingdom, and even the United States. Price Explorer AI was built as a way to price properly for both domestic prices and to adjust for the difference in prices for international ( customers in other countries) demands for the same product.

How does the technology behind Price Explorer work?

The technology behind price explorer uses something similar a gamification reward system for the AI, the AI runs the price, the current inventory, and number of units being sold  through the different pricing options you created based on the time frames you set. As units are sold the AI is ‘rewarded’ for each unit sold, but the secret sauce is…… that it also calculates towards what price would create the highest revenue. As it digests the data it adjusts to the price that will create the most revenue and margins that matches actual buying demand. (Example below in price explorer campaign). So, as units are sold, Price Explorer AI continuously adjusts for what price will sell the most units at the highest margin while keeping the price within your customers emotional buying window.

How do you price the different application options?

The below lays out the benefits of each plan, the different plans are based on the complexity of your needs and on the on computing capabilities of the AI, the bigger the brain the more resources it needs!


Current packages:

Basic(starter) – $29 AI Price adjusting campaigns for everyday products

Starter(advanced campaigns) – $79 – AI Price adjusting campaigns and Clearance markdowns price testing  for timely seasonal demand pricing

What would I use the price Explorer campaign for?

Have you ever noticed some prices just sell better than others, even though lower prices for the same product didn’t sell as well? 


The Price Explorer campaign is the tool that lets you step into your customers mind to know what price that is! How do you know what is the price that keeps your customers buying while keeping margins highest? Normally you would have to do weeks or MONTHS of adjusting price looking at the analytics and deciding. 


Price explorer AI adjusts prices based on the time frames you set and the prices you want to test and moves through those prices automatically, it then optimizes and adjusts to the price that matches 3 criteria 1. What produces the most revenue 2. What produces the most profit 3. Number of ordered items.


Ex.: Phone Cases

    1. Price: $33.50 / Units sold: 73 / Revenue: $2,445.50
    2. Price: $34.50 / Units sold: 56 / Revenue: $1,932.00
    3. Price: $35.50 / Units sold: 70 / Revenue: $2,485.00
    4. Price: $36.50 / Units sold: 66 / Revenue: $2,409.00


The above is an example of a data set that was used to test phone cases over the set of 4 weeks, notice that certain prices sell better than others that had lower priced options. Our AI model tracks that and determines which price will give you the best profit vs. number of units sold! 

What does the Markdown price test mean?

A markdown campaign is similar to the conventional campaign but flips the testing system on its head. A Markdown campaign starts at a higher price and moves downward through your predetermined prices. 

Use a markdown campaign for seasonal clearance sales, for example end of summer dress sales! This tool will help you move through your leftover inventory without undercutting your margin needs. Or set up a campaign for black Friday to know the highest price your customers are willing to buy at a discount so you don’t have to guess!

Tell me more about the technology behind Price Explorer and what it does!

Price Explorer has a whole city of Built-in AI models to help you start adjusting prices for your products in minutes. Start optimizing your campaigns automatically for revenue, profit, or the number of ordered items. Create, and execute pricing strategies in a flash. Even if you’re new to shopify or selling online, we created a simple interface so campaigns can be started in a few clicks. We will do all the technical stuff, NO code needed to configure pricing campaigns.

Choose your plan


$29/ month
  • Up to 3 campaigns
  • Total of 100 orders per campaign
  • Unlimited price tests
  • Chat support


$79/ month
  • Up to 30 campaigns
  • Unlimited orders per campaign
  • Unlimited price tests
  • Clearance campaigns
  • Chat support

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